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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fasting by Paul Curtin-Smith

FASTING - Speaker: Paul C-S
King stomach (we serve king stomach & we give it whatever it wants)
Book: fasting by jenzen franklin
Garden of Eden: they saw the fruit & ate of it
King stomach will always have an excuse
There will always be an excuse not to fast.
What is fasting? Biblical fasting is refraining from food for a spiritual purpose.
Why should I fast? I get to do it,
Giving, praying & fasting
The duty of every Christian.
Matt 6, Luke 5:34-35, 1 Peter 2:21
It brings you into a deeper, closer and more powerful relationship with The Lord.
Why should I fast?
Matt 17:20-21
Prayer & Fasting
The key to open doors, miraculous provision, favor, breakthrough and victory.
It is a form of worship that keeps you sensitive to Gods Spirit, enabling you to live holy.
Romans 12:1-2
Different Fasts:
- Full Fast (only liquids)
- Daniel Fast (no meat, no sweets, no bread)
- Partial Fast (From sunrise to sunset)
Seek medical advice for types and duration of fasts.
How do I fast?
There is never a convenient time.
Start with a goal.
Prepare spiritually.
Decide what to fast.
Decide how long.
"If it means something to you, it will mean something to God."
Replace eating time with prayer, bible study and worship.
Practical tips:
Don't pig out before you start.
Limit your activity and exercise moderately.
Take time to rest.
Drink PLENTY of water! (3-4L Purified)
Drink juice and broth/soup on longer fasts (lemon is a good one)
Avoid distractions and TV.
Expect a headache the first day or two.
Eat gradually at the end.
Be persistent.
Fasting: Psalm 107:9
Matthew 5:6

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My time in Bali... Day 2

Day two in Bali... (wednesday) Oiii what a day!!! <3

Day two we booked a trip to see some volcano... Ummm... So we got into a small bus, the air con worked but not to a great deal, we stopped at some weird dragon dance which was part of the tour... Wasn't that great!!!
But it was a cultural experience.
I got a taste to the kind of music they play, and the theatre they performed was REALLY long... we al walked out!!! Here are a couple of pics of that...

First pic is of the live music they played and the second pic is of the "Lion" dog mannerisms leader of the story... didn't really understand it!!!!
After this we went to a bati'k clothing and dye store!!! Seriously, check out their looms... Here's a couple pictures!!!

During this stop we had to stock up on drinks because the bus ride was long and flippin hot...
After a grueling 3-4 hour bus ride to a restaurant to VIEW a volcano from "far far away" in never never land (we got stopped by the cops on the way, corrupt cops, they ask for bribes and if you don't give them one, they find something wrong with your vehicle to fine you for, but they fine you EXTREMELY if you don't pay up - the government is trying their best to weed this corruption out - don't know if its working???)
But we had lunch at this restaurant while over looking a huge mountain that was supposed to be a volcano, here's a pic of Chris & I with the volcano behind us!!!

And here is a pic of the tables that you can sit at and have lunch with the amazing views...

The bus ride was long, it was draining, it was hot... but the views were amazing!!! Here are some more pics of the views I saw as we headed to another destination called "Monkey Forest"...
This is a rice field...
We visited the Monkey Forest next, it was amazing!!! We had to buy some banana's to feed the monkeys, they would crawl up you're legs and swarm you if you didn't give them a banana. There were a couple of people who were freaked out by the monkeys, some even screamed... was funny! And the forest was really pretty!!! Check out some of these photo's...

On the way back to our hotel, there were a few trucks carrying big sacks of ... well... i don't know what, but check out how much the stack is tilting... Yeoowwww... watch out!!!
And see that little tray of flowers and incense at the bottom of the picture, they were their sacrifices and worship offerings for luck and prosperity. People would do this everyday... in their cars, out the front of their shops... they were everywhere... It was hard not to walk on them, cos they were on the floor every where you went!!!
FINALLY... after a long bus ride back to our hotel room, everyone in our group wanted to go out for dinner, but Chris & I were exhausted and really hot, we wanted to stay at the hotel and go for a swim!!!
Just after I got changed into my bikini Chris came up to me and hugged me, and said to me "There's something I wanted to ask you"... So i was all like "Ok, what is it?" (thinking it was going to be 'do u want milk from the store' or something, he reached back into the cupboard and pulled something out, he hugged me again and said "I LOVE YOU AND I WANT TO SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE WITH YOU" Ehhhhhhhhhhh.... at this stage my ears started whirring and i could hardly hear anything, he was down on one knee and asked "WILL YOU MARRY ME?". Oh.My.Goodness. LOL... hahahahaha I seriously had no idea he was going to propose to me in Bali, I thought he would've proposed next year in 2012, but i was totally taken by surprise, so my first word was "CRAP"... lol hahahaha I then looked at the ring and saw how pretty it was, and i kept saying "its so pretty" over & over again, I think that was just my nerves. Oh my goodness. So we took the ring and put it on my finger, and then after about 5 minutes of looking at the ring on my finger, Chris says to me "So, umm whats your answer?" (Oh yeah - duhhh) My response was "Of course I will marry you"... and then another 5 minutes later it totally sinks in and I started to tear up and cry. I had to wait another 20 minutes before I could go down stairs to the pool, and I decided to be stealth and see if anyone noticed. Of course, it were the flower girls who noticed (we were there in Bali for a wedding) and I didn't wanna go down in all my newly engaged glory showing off, because I didn't want to sub-track from the wedding glory of the wedding couple. But everybody got really excited when they found out!!!! LOL... celebrations galore... even the bride (cassie) dad's best friend Phil got us a present of a picture of Chris & I printed, blown up on a canvas. It was seriously so thoughtful...
And that is how I became engaged and the story of Chris proposing!!! Good times...
Here's a pic of my ring....
A diamond with two sapphire's with 3 little encrusted diamonds down the side... It is seriously the most beautiful and unique ring ever... I absolutely adore it. My fiance' Chris did the best job ever with this ring!!!
Proud of you xoxox

Anyway, later that night... I woke up at 4am in the morning to my bed wobbling from side to side, I didn't know what it was, I thought it might've been Chris, so I leaned over to touch Chris, he was awake and I asked "are you moving" his reply was No, so I asked, is that normal, and CHris said "No, its an earthquake"... I had just experienced my first earthquake. About half an hour later, the after shock happened, it was scarier, because I was wide awake for it, the walls were creaking and cracking... scary!!!!
It was then that I decided to tell Mum & Dad the news...
Here's what I said :)
 And that was day two... Full on eh?!?!

Day 3, coming up!

Peace <3 Tessa xox

My time in Bali...

So Bali was pretty good!!! I'd totally recommend it as an experience to be had... driving around with majority of people on vespa scooters was crazy, all the barterers saying "dollar dollar, cheap price cheap price" or "Bintang bintang, we got bintang" (for those of you who don't know, Bintang is the Bali beer...

My first day consisted of experiencing the Bali markets in Kuta near Legian (excuse me if I didn't spell that correctly)... but it was a lot of fun!!! All day shopping, now thats my idea of a good day. We visited an atm machine to withdraw some cash, and seriously you stand in a tiny glass room locked off to every outside so no one can steal from you, and this was like the size of a telephone booth that you would see superman change in, and it was air conditioned too... the heat was off the scales, 30+ heat, buying drinks and walking the streets with a beer in your hand, except in my case, it was water!!! We also visited the beach that day, we didn't stay, WAY too many people, WAY too many hagglers hassling you to buy something, it was a bit intrusive. Now you might all be wondering about the drug situation there... its rampant with the stuff, every corner was occupied with someone who would shove their hand at you with a little white tube the size of a tampon (sorry, best way to describe, but if u haven't seen a tampon - now would be the time so you have some sort of reference or idea as to the size of the drugs offered) but watch out, don't buy the stuff, or you get caught and thrown into prison. If you hadn't heard already, there's a few popular ones out there now such as Shappelle Corby or that 14 year old dude who's going through court proceedings now... But whatever you, just walk stright past and ignore them, don't even listen to their so-called "sob story" to pull you in, they'll catch ya!!! Anywho... after that mammoth day out shopping, we crashed back at the hotel for dinner, the food was delish.

The first photo is the beach entrance, the second photo is the beach itself (very beautiful) and the third photo is the road shalls that lined the streets to buy Bintang beer!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011


So I'm going to Bali in one weeks time, as in this time next week I will be on a plane on my way to Bali... and I've never been there!!!

I'm so EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will keep you all updated on how Bali is!!!

<3 xox

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Film & Editing is about to go off the hook!!!

So I walk into church tonight, at 4:30pm because I'm on multi-media this Saturday night, to see a brand new apple computer...

My response:

"Ehhhhhhhhh EXCITEMENT" :)

Why? You might ask...

I'd had had a meeting previously regarding the filming & photography editing side of this creative ministry where we as a team were told we were going to be receiving another apple computer that we would be able to use for editing purposes along with other ministries to benefit the church & the community!!!

This is going to open a whole bunch of doors for us!!!

Things just got crazy exciting... WOOHOO........

Yay Team :)))

 Tess xo

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Welcome to Tessa's Blogspot by Tessa

Hi I'm Tessa :)

I'm new to blogging!!! YAY

Its been on my mind to do this for a while so I thought I'd just go ahead and give it a go...
So far so good... Been totally fun putting it together and creating my own journal space, I guess...

So I'd like to raise a toast to my new blog spot:

"Here's to Tessa's thoughts & a bit of randomness as well... CHEERS" *Clink*
LOL :)))

<3 From Tessa xox