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Sunday, October 23, 2011

My time in Bali...

So Bali was pretty good!!! I'd totally recommend it as an experience to be had... driving around with majority of people on vespa scooters was crazy, all the barterers saying "dollar dollar, cheap price cheap price" or "Bintang bintang, we got bintang" (for those of you who don't know, Bintang is the Bali beer...

My first day consisted of experiencing the Bali markets in Kuta near Legian (excuse me if I didn't spell that correctly)... but it was a lot of fun!!! All day shopping, now thats my idea of a good day. We visited an atm machine to withdraw some cash, and seriously you stand in a tiny glass room locked off to every outside so no one can steal from you, and this was like the size of a telephone booth that you would see superman change in, and it was air conditioned too... the heat was off the scales, 30+ heat, buying drinks and walking the streets with a beer in your hand, except in my case, it was water!!! We also visited the beach that day, we didn't stay, WAY too many people, WAY too many hagglers hassling you to buy something, it was a bit intrusive. Now you might all be wondering about the drug situation there... its rampant with the stuff, every corner was occupied with someone who would shove their hand at you with a little white tube the size of a tampon (sorry, best way to describe, but if u haven't seen a tampon - now would be the time so you have some sort of reference or idea as to the size of the drugs offered) but watch out, don't buy the stuff, or you get caught and thrown into prison. If you hadn't heard already, there's a few popular ones out there now such as Shappelle Corby or that 14 year old dude who's going through court proceedings now... But whatever you, just walk stright past and ignore them, don't even listen to their so-called "sob story" to pull you in, they'll catch ya!!! Anywho... after that mammoth day out shopping, we crashed back at the hotel for dinner, the food was delish.

The first photo is the beach entrance, the second photo is the beach itself (very beautiful) and the third photo is the road shalls that lined the streets to buy Bintang beer!!!

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